Saturday, October 07, 2006

Guess Who Is Awesome?

Yours truly. Thanks for asking!

I am awesome because I downloaded my first Podcast. Because I am so hip and cool the first thing I downloaded was the Meet the Press free podcast. Since it's a show with no pretension, and no strong visual leaning, it translates well for the format. I.E you don't need to see it on TV. Plus, Russert's voice is instantly recognizable. Oh and shhhhhhhhh. I skipped over the ads on my Ipod.

Since most of the audience is older, I wonder how many people actually download the podcast? In fact I wonder if there is someone keeping overall track of the most popular podcasts on the net?

I wasn't able to find much that looked comprehensive. On yahoo though, this looked cool. And all free.

Anyone know good places for free or cheap podcasts?

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