Saturday, February 11, 2012

My New Food Blog:

For anyone who stops by - I've started a new food related blog:

Thanks very much.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Current Favorite TV Shows

Right now my favorite dramas are Breaking Bad, the Big C and Dexter. A few odd things about them:

1) In all three, the main character is hiding something from loved ones, family, or work.
2) Two of of three cancer is involved (Breaking Bad, Big C)
3) Two out of three involve breaking the law (Breaking Bad, Dexter)
4) Two out of three involve murder at times (Breaking Bad, Dexter)
5) Two out of three use dark humor to great effect. (Breaking Bad, Dexter)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Writer's Drink of the Day: Hot Chocolate Espresso

My version is made with almond milk (rice, soy, hazelnut or regular milk also work well. I'm a little scared to try it using coconut milk though).

Hot cocoa packet
1 cup milk
1.5 tablespoons espresso

Add milk and cocoa to pot. Heat on stovetop on medium heat. Stir until fully combined. On a separate burner heat your espresso in your espressomaker. When done combine with hot chocolate. Stir in. Pour in your glass.

Please be patient. Don't drink it immediately or you will burn your mouth. (Unless you plan to write something anguished). Once cooled, enjoy.

Ma's Tip of the Day

Ma's Tip of the Day: Put bay leaves in your rice containers and in your pantry. It's a natural repellent against regular household bugs. Clearly insects don't appreciate a good scent when they smell one. Their loss.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Strange Food Combos/Food Hacks: Bhelpuri + Tuna


One of my favorite food hacks is: Bhelpuri + Tuna.

All You Need Is:
-A cup of bhelpuri mix (I like Surati)
-A can of tuna
-A handful of chopped onions
-Tamarind Chutney to taste
-Yogurt (optional) to taste
-Chili Powder to taste

(Combine everything in a bowl and enjoy).

The salty, soft texture of the tuna contrasts nicely with the sweetness of tamarind chutney and the crunch of bhelmix. Throw in some onions and you have a great snack.

(Reason for Creation: No chickpeas in the pantry, so improvisation).

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Friday, January 06, 2012

Food I'm No Longer Scared to Make: Chicken Paprikash

One of my resolutions this year is to work new entrees and spices into the repetoire.

The 1st New Dish for the New Year: Chicken Paprikash.  - I first heard the name via Master Chef back in the summer. Honestly I was interested because the name is appealing. I'd never used Paprika much other than with home fries on occasion so to have it as the lead spice was outside of my Indian food-centric comfort zone.

In learning that it uses cream heavily, I was sold. Clearly this is not for someone searching for healthy but most likely searching for delicious.

Here is the nice simple recipe I followed:

The big substitution I made was to use heavy cream rather than sour cream. The final result was actually quite good. The sauce is rich and creamy with a beautiful beige-red color. The smokiness of the paprika really comes through. It's worth noting that I bought a decent one called Pride of Szegeo.  The chicken paprikash was delicious though next time boneless chicken will be used. (It makes it easier to mix in sauce). For the second helping the next day I picked up some egg noodles (which were conveniently on sale for $0.99!).

Score one for Team Hungary. I now understand why it's the official spice of that country.
I'd score this a 5 out of 5 on the Raj Food scale (ROOD).

Running (Achievment Unlocked)

"Maybe a 10k or half-marathon?" he asked himself sheepishly.

Granted it was on a treadmill with 0% incline at a slow pace, but I ran my first 10k. It was a long time coming but it feels like I've broken through a wall. Hopefully 2012 will bring other positive running related developments.