Thursday, November 09, 2006

Relief at Last

NBC didn't come in very clear so I managed to get good news, but from Stephanopoulos instead of Russert.

The Dems are in control in both houses of congress. To paraphrase one reporter - many young democrat volunteers have never been part of a successful campaign before. I think this is the first time the Demokrauts have been in the majority since I've been voting age!

A few things I found interesting about this election:
Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in line for President!
There is such a thing as a purple state - Virginia
If you call a brown person Macaca you can still almost retain your seat. I wonder if it would work the same if you called a black person names.
Rumsfeld is not infallible
Charlie Gibson is a Republican - he remarked to George S - 'well it's not all bad news (long pause) for Republicans.'

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Molly said...

yay. i was one of the 7,000 who voted for Webb in Virginia. let's see what happens next.