Saturday, February 10, 2007

Complaint of the Day

Currently my shower drain is not draining. This is frustrating because:
- I can't shower at home now (unless I want to shower in tepid water from the day before).
-I'm forced to go the gym (to use their showers) and perhaps exercise (argh) as an offshoot

We've run into this problem many times before with the shower, consequently we've learned the drain cleaner brands quite well.

Here there are in order of preference:
1) Drano -usually the most expensive but seems to be the most effective. The red color the bottom implies a sense of urgency which I like - as in 'drano to the rescue.'
2) Liquid Plumber - doesn't work too badly, and is usually slightly cheaper than Drano. The grey color of the bottle intended to look like piping however, makes you more likely to ignore the bottle in the grocery store
3) Liquid Plumber Foam - this stuff doesn't work nearly as well as the sister cleaner or drano. The foam however, does look pretty cool.
4) Generic - half the price, half as good

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