Monday, October 29, 2007

Reflecting on the Red Sox World Series Win

As everyone knows, the Red Sox won the MLB World Series, sweeping the Colorado Rockiesin 4 games.

I'm not a big sports fan but I happened to be in Boston during the series and I found it hard to not get caught up in the excitement. I caught part of the game at a local bar. (We successfully got into the 4th bar we attempted - the others either had covers to watch the game or were just too full). The score at that point was already 6-0. The Sox were clearly dominating. Domination though, does not an exciting game make however. My eyes glazed over and we headed out. I made the same attempt for the first two games as well. Same result. Asskicking does not equal entertainment.

After an 86 year slump, the Sox won for the first time a few years ago, and now this year. Good for them. The Curse of the Bambino has ended. I wonder though, isn't part of the fun gone for Red Sox fans? Isn't part of the appeal the fact that they were underdogs? After how much longer can they be considered such? By winning the second time in four years, they proved that the victory from a few years ago wasn't a fluke and that if they want to, they can do it again.
You can't besmirch the Sox and Red Sox nation for making up lost time - I'll probably be watching Soccer though.

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