Monday, January 28, 2008

First Goal Hit

I'm happy to say that I hit the monthly goal of 42 miles for the month. I thought about doing a victory lap but I don't suppose anyone would notice what with me running on a treadmill and all.

Hitting the 42 mark, despite being a small goal, feels great. To prove to myself that I'm not messing around, I bought some gel inserts for my sneakers. That's right gel inserts.

All the jogging is making me appreciate my sneakers. I got another pair of New Balance which I'm pleased with. They're moderately priced but also fairly durable. For years I swore by generic shoes believing that the higher price for name brands was unwarranted. I was very wrong. Not only is it worth it for the mod-priced ones like New Balance, but you're doing your feet a favor too.

I think psychologically, the next hump will be hitting 50 because that will be 10% of goal. I know I can do it, but it still feels overwhelming. There will definitely be a celebration of a new pair of inserts and a cupcake when I hit 100.

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