Sunday, June 29, 2008

New York Awesome: NYAFF - Movie: X Cross

Finally caught a subway cinema film. The last one I saw was probably 4 years ago where I caught Takashi Miike's Ichii the Killer (who knew macabre violence on film could be funny?), Versus (zombies fortified with gangsters!), and the classic 'New Bollywood' movie Company.

This year I caught a fun thriller called X Cross. As with many of the New York Asian Film Festival movies, the flicks are influenced by b-horror, a strong sense of dark humor and ass-kicking, X Cross was no exception.

Plot Summary: Two young Japanese women go to a hot springs in a remote village to relax after painful breakups. The village however is run by a cult which chops the left legs of young women. Ok on paper it sounds silly but the film is highly entertaining. If you see the movie, you will get to enjoy: creepy inn keepers, psycho villain with a giant pair of scissors as a weapon, and shoutouts to the importance of having cellphones when in remote villages of Japan.

The New York Asian Film Festival is truly is one of the best film festivals done in the city - do yourself a favor and support it. It runs till July 6th.

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