Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fantasy Football Foibles

I'm a member of a Fantasy Football for the 3rd consecutive year. We're using the popular Yahoo one. Our league features 11 teams. Of the teams in the league I'd say 7 or 8 (us among them) don't follow football in the least. Lack of knowledge to me is the reason it's fun to play along. Especially since most of us are on an even keel. It also makes it infinitely more exciting to defeat those well-informed trash-talkers.

How self-righteous would you feel beating the trash talkers? Especially when you know to consider the true player metrics:
1) Coolest name
2) If you as non-football player has heard of him, he's probably good
3) If the player looks like an angry guy in the picture
4) Random players who as it turns out are quite good (got Tony Romo and Marion Barber? Score!)

Our team by far has the coolest name: Crush Your Face Hug. On paper you must admit, it's quite intimidating. To be fair there are a few other good names in the league including the Goslings and Manginas.

We just had our first game and unfortunately we lost to the biggest trash talker. The good news is that apparently we play each team twice so we will have a chance to exact revenge. I told my co-workers who know the game well, that it doesn't matter whether the other games are won or lost it's how you play the game. Just kidding - we want to crush them during the next go-around.


Angelissima said...

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