Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear Obama, Joe, Michelle, David Etc

Obama et al,

I recently left a suggestion for a commercial on your site and as a result I've been added to your mailing list. While I do plan to vote for you, Mr. Obama, the daily email in which you (or Mrs Obama, or Joe Biden etc) call me by my first name freaks me out.

For example, the email I just received:
Raj --
We're facing an urgent deadline at midnight tonight.
Final decisions about our ground operation will be based on the financial resources we have on hand.

We're too close to the finish line to fall short, and we can't afford to look back and wish that we had done more.

Being addressed directly by my first name is vaguely threatening because it feels as if you know me personally and that because of that connection I'm not allowed to just sit on my duff and complain about the state of things. For the remainder of the campaign I humbly request that you call me either by some type of pseudonym or just have the email addressed to something more generally like "Hey You Guys"

Thanks for your time.

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