Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're All in This Together: OddJobNation

For many professionals, there’s a stigma around doing odd jobs like mowing the lawn or cleaning houses: What if someone saw me? I would be mortified! Enter filmmaker Jeremy Redleaf, who has done the impossible of making odd jobs seem cool with job-listing site Odd, which launched in February. Their motto is: “Turn that Pink Slip Into a Golden Ticket.”
“We’re sort of celebrating this moment in time for anyone who’s been laid off or looking for extra money,” Redleaf says. “But we’re making it cooler — we’re getting rid of the stigma.”

I appreciate Redleaf's hustle in creating a new business for himself and larger purpose of making it okay for white collar workers to do what they need to do - if necessary creating an entirely new hustle. Having been laidoff in the past, I really agree with the sentiment behind OJN. New York City is a tricky place right now but never hopeless.

Credit for learning of this site: CNBC

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