Monday, April 12, 2010

In Your Face East New York

New York Magazine recently ranked most livable NYC neighborhoods and Park Slope came in #1!

No neighborhood is the butt of more stroller jokes or the recipient of more anti-gentrification scorn. But any way you slice it, Park Slope is the very definition of a well-rounded neighborhood. Of the dozen categories we tallied, it falls just slightly below average in two: affordability (the average two-bedroom rental is $2,275) and diversity. In all other areas, it’s somewhere between above grade and superlative: It’s blessed with excellent public schools, low crime, vast stretches of green space, scores of restaurants and bars, a diverse retail sector, and a population of more artists and creatives than even its reputation for comfortable bohemianism might suggest (more, in fact, than younger, trendier Williamsburg). It might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect neighborhood, but statistically speaking (by a hair), there’s nowhere better.

As someone who has lived exclusively in this neighborhood since moving to New York almost 8 years ago I can readily agree. Rent is a bit pricey but many benefits outweight. Now if we could only get a good cheap Indian food place to open up.....

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