Saturday, April 10, 2010

New York Awesome: Seven Rivers Indian Restaurant / I Love Getting Food To Go

On our way to our mainstay, the legendary cabbie fav, Punjabi Deli, we spied a new a new fast food style restaurant/buffet on East Houston (Almost directly across the street) called Seven Rivers Indian Restaurant. It's more a fast food joint but the space was super clean and bright. The sweets looked extremely fresh-  in particular the badam barfi caught my eye for next time. It's worth noting that Seven also offers non-veg options.This time around we got Gobi Pakoras (Fried/battered cauliflower pieces 5/$2). These were breaded in a delicious chickpea based flour. Despite being fried there was no trace of oil or greasiness. We also bought some Cabbage Curry which I'm very excited but am waiting till dinner time (more on this in a followup)

My companion and I always remarked how funny it is that there are 4 of our favorite restaurants (reviews forthcoming) all one East 1st street (hopefully we'll be adding Seven Rivers to this list as well):
Aussie Tuck Shop
Punjabi Deli
Himalaya Cafe
Tai Thai

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