Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ghost #1: Rock Eagle: Eatonville, GA

Years ago when I was in middle school, our class was lucky enough to take a trip to Rock Eagle in Eatonville, GA a large nature retreat center. It gets its name from the Eagle structure at the top of a hill believed to have been made by Native Americans upto 2,000 years ago. As with any type of retreat a good part of our trip involved nature activities: trust exercises, tugs of war, storytelling outdoors, and hikes (daytime and nighttime).

One fine evening we trekked up to see the Rock Eagle structure itself. We were a large group, and while it was very dark it wasn't too scary. The group consisted of probably about 40 people. I was somewhere in the middle of the group though separated from the first and second chunks of people. I was walking with a classmate to my right.

I could feel the warmth of another person as we proceeded wordlessly. I saw through my periphery, a boy my age holding a knapsack on a stick. Stunned, I turned to my right and there was nothing there.

It was my first and only encounter with what I think was a ghost.


Anonymous said...

A boy with a knap sack on a stick? There is an old school close by there where my father attended unti 7th grade back in the 30s, he lived in that area for many years with his family, the last time I visited, the school was still there, could be related to what you saw.

rajbot said...

I just saw this comment from a long while back. Thank you for sharing that. I wasn't aware there was a school nearby actually.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar to me.

Anonymous said...

I went to Rock Eagle on a class field trip back in 96. I remember hearing of a story where some time before someone drowned in the lake and would come around to the cabins. I was too scared to really listen to the story so i dismissed it. The next morning when we were leaving the cabin there was a wet circle on the porch in front of a window. No other places were wet and there was no trail of water like someone had placed it there. We looked to the roof overhang to see if water dripped but it too looked dry. Creeped me out! I think i did hear them tell a story about the boy with a stick as well...