Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Artist W atch: The Who

I just saw this great new band called "The Who" at of all places, Madison Square Garden. How does a new band sellout MSG you ask while still a new artist? The crowd seemed to know their songs sooo well that you wouldn't have guessed that it was their first gig.

I must say, I was extremely impressed. Their guitarist - Townsend or something had the confidence of a lifelong player. He even had this one goofy arm motion where we would swing his arm around as even the rock gods powered his arm in a circular motion.

If you have a chance to see these guys, I highly recommend it. I think they're going to be huge. You heard it here first.

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MexPo said...

Yeah, I think I've heard of these guys. I mean, people have been trying to put them down just because they're trying to get around. WTF!?