Saturday, October 07, 2006

Adventures in Personal Space: Subway Addition #7

So lets say you're already making a transfer at Hoyt-Schemorhorn because of the MTA's dubious construction projects on your regular F line route. After making the switch to the G which is acting as an F a weird guy gets on. (Generally weird guys will stay in your car for one, max two stops). This weird guy though starts to preach fire and brimstone style in a booming voice and asks the captive audience (us) to repent for our sins. He stays on for 5 stations. 5 really long stations.
Do you:
a) Use the magic of IPod to tune him out by listening to a soothing NPR broadcast reviewing films such as the Science of Sleep?
b) Appreciate weird guy's ability to project his voice and hand him a monologue you've been working on and ask him to present it?
c) Ask him why he isn't switching cars at every stop for the largest possible audience

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