Monday, October 09, 2006

Being Sick: No Longer Awesome As It Once Was

In elementary school, I was sick very, very often. Like many kids, I got regular stuff like colds, sore throats (one time of course I had Chicken Pox concurrently with my brother and father . poor Ma!). I hated being under the weather. Mind you, the part I liked as most kids, was staying at home and being taken care of. I had a whole routine: I would watch cartoons in the morning. Then mid-morning I believe Sesame Street, and Pinwheel were on. Usually I would sleep in the afternoon, mostly because soaps were on. Then around 4 I would check in to the tv to watch some more cartoons. Here I was watching my awesome shows while the other kids were at school like suckers so I thought.

Contrast that with today: Now when I'm sick it's undesirable on multiple levels. First, I now have job responsibilities I'm missing. Second, I feel guilty for my sickness. Thirdly, hand in hand with my guilt, I feel obligated to check up on things, if not work from home. This is all to the detriment of my health but who wants to be perceived as a slacker?

In my most recent visit to the doctor he concluded that my dry, rough cough for the last month is most likely due to stress. Prescription: several meds, to lay off the sauce, drink many fluids...and actually rest.

The moral(s) of the story:
  • Stay home as often as you can
  • Lay off the sauce
  • Try to enjoy as many cartoons as you can, especially since Soap Operas come on starting at Noon.

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