Monday, January 01, 2007

Vote: Resolution Revolution

People don't stick to resolutions for a few very basic reasons:
  • Laziness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Not easily attainable
For my lack of followup with past new years resolutions, I blame the word Resolution itself. It has a negative connotation. Generally, you're deciding on things you don't really want to do (but should). It's not easy to get motivated for that.

Rather than sticking with a word that clearly ran its course long ago, we should use one of the following better suited,more motivating phrases (Please Vote):

a) The Line Between Good and Evil
Usage in a sentence: What are your lines between good and evil for '07?
Alternate: Axis of Evil
By not completing your goals you've now crossed into the realm of evil. Very motivating.

b) Basket of Kittens/Puppies
Usage in a sentence: What's in your basket of kittens for '07?
By going the cutesy non-threatening route, everyone can meet their goals easily.

c) Cookies
Usage in a sentence:
What kind of cookies are you having in '07?

Who doesn't like cookies?

d) Write In

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