Monday, January 01, 2007


First of all, Happy New Year to everyone who stops by. Also, please tell people who don't stop by (I daresay, quite a few people) Happy New Year as well from Rajbot.

'07 is here (though some have asked for a halt to it) and I've made some lines betweens good and evil (lbge). I'm of the belief that if you make a resolution, you should decide to start it right then and there. In my case, I wrote out resolutions on December 30th. Not only did writing out resolutions a day ahead entitle me to a sense of self-righteousness over everyone else, but it also allowed me a full day to change my mind if I did want to change my resolution in time for the New Year.

No mind changing though. I'm being good.

Resolutions aka Between December 30th, 2006 and December 30th, 2007 I will
  • Financially, I'm going to try to save up XXXX amount to put into a retirement portfolio. Doesn't sound cool but I need to do it.
  • Keep in better touch with family (meaning, speaking to extended family more often).
  • Get in better shape - going to gym 3 times per week rather than just the weekend
  • Get either Job Happiness or a New Job (pursuing any opportunies and creating new ones).
  • Post more regularly to my blogs (several times a week)
  • Create a vacation fund (once a location is decided, I can choose the money goal)
  • Learn flash
  • Learn more Hindi/Bangla.


rajbot said...

nice. strangely enough, learning hindi and bangla-bengali are on my list of new years resolutions as well. i found this site - ...but i am sure you are probably further along than i am. happy new years.

-the other rajbot

rajbot said...

not only another rajbot, but one who is also bengali? pretty cool.

thanks for passing along the hindi link. Here is a hindi link I find useful:

i hope brasil is fun. i have a co-worker going down to sao paulo next month actually.

if you like, lets do a link exchange.