Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rajbot Food Review: Indian Bread Co.

Located right where Bleecker meets 6th Avenue, the Indian Bread Co is a pleasant hole in the wall snack shop capitalizing on Kathi's roll's success at making Indian fast food available to a larger audience.

Because I know a great Kathi Roll is to be had just around the corner, we opted to try one of the Paratha varieties. The chicken paratha ($4.50) was absolutely huge. At roughly twice the size of a standard one, it truly is American fusion. The texture was very tender, and though it was stuffed with meat, it was oddly not-greasy. The minced chicken inside was lightly spiced but a little on the dry side. Thankfully, it came with Raita, a cucumber based yogurt dip)which made it quite palatable.

The Aloo Chaat ($3.50) was delicious and gets bonus points for being sold in those to-go containers which you'd normally get Wonton soup in from a Chinese fast-food restaurant.

The food was by no means mind-blowing but it's a great alternative late-night snack to Pizza.

Indian Bread Co.
194 Bleecker St.

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