Friday, August 10, 2007

Rajbot Food Review: Montien

Just as a friend and I discussed how unbelievable it was that we hadn't seen a Thai restaurant in almost 3 whole blocks in the E. Village, we saw one called Montien. Looking fancier than most Thai food places the layout is very classy. I loved the curved hall to the men's and women's rooms. (Not that i went in both mind you). One unusual thing I noticed: the bar portion was oddly packed with people - apparently the bartender is quite good.

We tried the Vegetable Dumplings ($6.50). The portion was generous and all then came covered in what looked like caramelized garlic. The steamed dumpling skin made for a wonderful contrast to the contents inside which had fresh carrots, cabbage and sprouts inside.

For the main course we had Pad Thai which was a tad sweeter than standard but bonus point for including Zucchini. The other dish was the Thai Fried Rice which was decent but nothing really stuck out. The chicken and shrimp both tasted like they'd been sitting around for a few hours before being re-heated. To add insult to injury, a bug flew down on my food. Thankfully I was already full.

90 3rd Ave
New York 10003
Btwn 12th & 13th St
Phone: 212-475-6814

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