Sunday, September 02, 2007

No Such Thing

I keep telling myself that I want to be a writer. You wouldn't know it though if you were to watch me day to day. You see, I am not a lazy person this much I'll say. The thing is I'd rather spend hours cooking a new dish while watching TV. Or taking out the trash or cleaning the bathtub. There sure are plenty of dishes for me to do! These are all things I will gladly do - as a pretense that once done, I can truly sit down and write. Of course, the procrastinator is in cahoots with the naysayer in my head to make sure I never get to the point of spending and significant time on writing.

Composite Dialogue
Procrastinator: Don't worry about it! You'll have plenty of time during the week.
Naysayer: You'll only be disappointed.
Procrastinator: Jeez. You may want to finish those dishes, it's starting to look nasty. Don't forget to dry off the counter top.
Naysayer: You wrote one paragraph in 30 minutes. Don't quit your day job!
Procrastinator: You haven't had a drink in awhile mate. Jack and coke my old friend! How ya been?
Naysayer:Trust me, it's better this way. Why write stuff down when you can be experiencing life!
Procrastinator: Ooo! New netflix!
Me: I guess you guys are right. You're my new best friends. High five!
P&N: No worries. Glad we could talk some sense into you!

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