Friday, November 30, 2007

Here Comes Sickness - Mudhoney In Town

Mudhoney - those prolific garage rock Gods are back for a stop in New York, tonight for a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg(terrible name, venue was formerly known as North Six).

For this string of shows (yesterday they played at Maxwells, tomorrow at the Bowery Ballroom) they're playing their classic release Superfuzz Bigmuff in it's entirety.

Mudhoney is a band that you either like or don't. Mark Arm's probably isn't going to take conventional vocal lessons anytime soon because he knows that his brand of nasal delivery is something to be treasured. They are a classic garage band with an emphasis on fuzz with a knack for grooves.

The band as many have pointed out, love the Stooges, some say to a fault. With Mudhoney though, there was always an excellent sense of groove and a need to laugh at yourself. A sense of humor that wasn't found with some of the other large-scale grunge bands.

Off the Superfuzz Bigmuff release, I would argue that every single track is classic but some particular highlights are In and Out of Grace, Need, If I Think, and of course Touch Me I'm Sick.

My only regret is that I'd love them to play basically everything featured on March to Fuzz (a great hits compilation put out a few years back along with the new album).

When I made my to do list recently I actually didn't know Mud was in town - maybe this is their big shot and they'll work in a new single or two?


rajbot said...

awesome...wish i were there. have you heard the band halo of flies? I have been listening to them lately.

rajbot said...

not familiar with Halo of Flies - how would you describe their sound? sounds like they'd metal. Of newer metal I'm into Lamb of God, Shadows Fall beyond standards like Sabbath.

rajbot said...

Nah Halo of Flies is grungey and super trashy with the same kind of fuzzed out bottom end irreverence of Mudhoney whose guitarist went AWOL from the US Army.