Sunday, April 06, 2008

New York Awesome: Day 1 (Continuation)

Like I was saying...

Fueled by the good times by the day's jog/walk (or jalk? wjog?) we decided to make a day of it. We'd built up a strong appetite and set out for one of our versions of comfort food: Thai. We discovered an amazing restaurant called Thai on Two. (Located logically on 2nd avenue between 11th and 12th). To preface, we were extremely hungry so most anything would've likely tasted good and basement restaurants/bars I'm predisposed to liking for some reason. Setting those two factors aside however, we did have a great meal. I tried the Garlic Pepper Chicken which was a generous portion of chicken with mushrooms, and onions. Lettuce, and odd thing I thought, was also a heavy part of the dish but gave a nice crispness to the dish. Since the dish has 'pepper' in the title I would've liked more spice, but after requesting some hot sauce - that made things perfect. My friend had Curry Fried Rice with Pineapple and Cashewnuts. For the first time in a long, long time we didn't want the meal to end - and that was prior to the consumption of any booze.

We regrettably left the restaurant (Can we get seconds? Is this neverending curry bowl? Apparently you're supposed to leave after paying your bill? Yeah, I'm scratching my head too). in order to walk off the lunch. We made our way to our traditional haunt - Tom and Jerry's also known as 288 Bar. As always the bartenders heavy hands brought delight to us and the other regulars.

Stumbling slightly around, but still amiable we got up the nerve to stop by the Angelika and Sunshine. Sadly, none of the movies out this particular week excited us so we were forced to have another drink at the relatively new place, the National Underground. The drinks were a bit pricier than hoped for but the pour was good; the bartender nice, and the space comfortable. I appreciated the rockabilly style decoration and the cowboy singer songwriter quietly playing in the corner. We're definitely going to give the place another go.

After the delicious booze we had once again worked up an appetite and in keeping with our 'new' stuff theme we finally tried Khushie. It's a fast food style Indian food place. My friend's Dal Makhani was a bit too spicy for her taste but is willing to do a rematch. My Chicken Kali Mirch though was fantastic and renewed my faith in getting meat dishes at Indian restaurants. Highly recommended.

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