Sunday, April 06, 2008

New York Awesome: Day 1

Saturday was the best day ever on several levels.

-The evil weathermen consortium predicted rain but it ended up a gorgeous day. It's well known that movies are attended much more or rented more often when it rains so perhaps they're being bribed by the MPAA? (You heard it here first).

-We had planned an outside jog for the weekend so we used Saturday's weather windfall (pun intended) to do it. Our route was basically a run across the beautiful brooklyn bridge, alongside the westside walking path up to 14th street.

Our first time running across the bridge was well worth it, tourists notwithstanding. We then made our way westward through lower manhattan. I've never been a fan of the area except the few times we were around to do tourist stuff such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. For locals though I assumed it was more or less to be passed over. I was too quick to judge however. Running along the lower part of the city, I got to take in fantastic views of the water and the piers. As we inched our way up (5 miles is a lot of jogging/walking for novices) up we also took in the westside piers and views of the jersey water front). Because of the heavy breeze, you couldn't break a sweat if you tried. An unexpected surprise was that our run ended with Chelsea market - a great place for snacking.

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