Thursday, May 01, 2008

Eating With Anger on Bad Days

The week has moved along with great haste. Technically, that's not true. It has gone at the same pace as always, but the week has been the busiest at work since I started.

We've recently got a chunk of business which is fantastic but certainly makes work complicated and demanding. My job entails working in front of the computer all day which is fine (nothing to boohoo) except there has been no pause for a break outside. As is standard in whatever industry you work in everyone needs things as quickly as possible.

Because I've been working hard and probably because I look a little strung out, sales has bought me lunch a few times this week. This I realize is my reprieve. Yesterday we had a sub style sandwich and....what can I say? I attempted to stare down my sandwich. How could it challenge me? Was the sandwich a manifestation of the irritating aspects of my job? Hell, yes I realized. I tore it to shreds with my suddenly fang-like teeth. It felt good and just. I was done with the sandwich in less than 4 minutes.

Today we had prosciutto sandwiches on crunch/chewy french bread. I swear the sandwich cried for mercy - but it was just too delicious and I was just too angry. I chewed my bites beyond necessity (Part of the appeal of crunchy / chewy textures is the stress relief). I finished the sandwich is about 3 minutes.

Anger though is all consuming (get it? wacka wacka wacka!) Once I decimated the prosciutto sandwich I scoped the room only to realize there was no more food willing to take me on.

I'm not sure angry eating is healthy. I really should get out more.

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