Sunday, April 27, 2008

New York Awesome #5: Riverside Trial Run + Foods

In a previous week we made it out to Riverside to get a sense of the how the park was setup because we'd heard how pleasant it was. To up the ante yesterday we ran the actual path for the Asha 5k. After hearing how hilly the park is, I have to say that the path the 5k will take place on doesn't look too bad. There was one hill we had to make past, other than that most of it ran nicely alongside the river. At this point, I'm not concerning myself with speed but rather endurance. I'm still planning on taking it easy this Thursday (lighter jog) to allow myself and taking Friday off entirely to allow decent recovery for Saturday morning.

After the jog, we thought it'd be fun to take the bus downtown which ended up turning into more or less an hour long saga. We got off around Curry Hill though and had a nice snack of Samosa Chat at the fantastic Indian place called Curry Express. They're quite friendly there and the food is superior and cheaper than some of the 'restaurants' around the corner. Not a romantic spot but a tasty one.

Post snack I realized that I lost my knee brace so stopped back again at Paragon. (Needless to say it was no longer on my knee when I lost it). Returning to the store gave a second to ask the question - is it supposed to be snug and cut off your circulation? He said yes.

Lastly, we had lunch at Big Enchilada where I thankfully made myself call it quits after 2 tacos though I could've gone for me. Also a great fast food joint near union sq (in an area with many

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