Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knee Brace Yourself

To fulfill my knees constant need for attention I caved in and bought the right one a brace (at Paragon Sports from Stromgren). After a quick measurement, I selected the medium. It was a snug fit. Very snug. Cutoff circulation snug - but I think that's how these things work right? In any case, the first run around Prospect Park was a success. The main areas where the knee would act up was the main incline and decline on the outer loop and your center of gravity shifts. The brace help in ease that. Additionally, if Riverside Park is as hilly as we've been told for my upcoming 5k I want to be prepared.


Anonymous said...

at the risk of sounding creepy, were you at Tea Lounge on Union Street today?

rajbot said...

Wasn't me at the Tea Lounge. Did you recognize the knee brace? Haha

Anonymous said...

my apologies then! no knee braces involved, just one of those things. there must be more than one Raj in Brooklyn.