Sunday, May 04, 2008

First 5k

Yesterday's weather was quite cloudy and cool with the clouds occasionally spitting at us. We left pretty early since its a bit of a hike from Brooklyn to Harlem (Riverside Park). Arriving right on time for registration (though haven't take a wrong turn or two) we waited about an hour for the official start time of 9am. Turnout was strong with a total of close to 300 registered. Thankfully it didn't rain at all during the run itself.

This was my first 5k mind you, so I'd set the expectation low. I'd hoped that there would be a good showing of portly folks who would surely be slower than I. Sadly, few if any of these people showed up. In fact, 99% of the people were in great shape. I was even more disconcerted by the various runners club jerseys. It was clear we were to be outclassed and outranked - and we where. While the dust the other runners left behind was indeed eaten and enjoyed by yours truly I definitely picked up the pace myself versus past attempts. I ended up finishing out at 35:15 which is an improvement from my loops in prospect park (generally 10 minutes longer on average).

Overall, I loved the event and am planning on taking part of several more 5k in the next few month. The point afterall is to better yourself - so it's not worth beating yourself up over not being in first place (at least not yet?)

Pre Run Foods: Banana, Coffee and home. Maplet Nut Clif Bar (in transit)

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Abra said...

Forgot to mention you raised over $1100 dollars for impoverished children. After all funds are added up, you're the #2 fundraiser out of 300 people.

Way to go!