Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rajbot Restaurant Review: Devi

My company was nice enough to treat me to a fancy meal at a restaurant of my choice. Since I'd wanted to try it for some time, Devi was a pretty easy final choice.

The restaurant is well designed. As soon as you walk in, you appreciate the high ceilings and wild colors. The effect is to walk into a chill palace of sorts.

We settled on Bhel puri and the crab cake appetizers. The crab cakes were tasteful but not much by way of Indianness in the spices. The Bhel Puri was nicely presented shaped in the form of a triangle. My colleague found it a bit spicy. I thought it was spot on sweet versus sour.

For entrees we made two big mistakes:
She got the Chole Bhature which was quite spicy by my standards and not terribly filling either
I got the Turkey Keema which had an unhealthy dose of salt rendering it difficult to eat.
We also got a side of Dal Makhani - this however, was fantastic. It had just the right amount of cream. Both main dishes were probably not ordered terribly often.

The cocktail I ordered was actually quite good. I believe it was called a Cilantro tonic. It was light and refreshing. It was worth noting that they bartender gave a healthy poor.

For desert we tried the Mango Cheesecake. As somewhat expected, it was very, very intense. I recommend having some coffee/espresso to go with it and you can enjoy it. Points though to the desert chef for attempting something tricky.

Overall the presentation of each and everything was great. (When you stepped away to the bathroom, you'd find your napkins refolded on the table). The next time - and there will be a next time, we will try to order something more staple.

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