Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sad or Awesome #2

...Being drunk by 12:30pm on a Wednesday? The company was officially closed in order to catch the Manchester United versus FC Chelsea championship match this past Wednesday. We went around the corner to, where else? Nevada Smiths of course.

We got there right at noon or so and the top floor was already quite full. Turns out that at Nevada Smiths the Chelsea fans always go to the basement and the Manchester fans to the first floor. Not being a regular football watcher I had to decide who to root for based on sound reasoning:
1) The first floor consisting of 90% Man U fans smelled really awful
2) Chelsea appeared to be the underdog team (granted, not by much) being 2nd ranked and at the particular venue I was at had a much smaller showing.

Conclusion: Being drunk by 12:30 and very drunk by 4:30? I would have to say Awesome.

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