Saturday, March 27, 2010

Foods of Our Time: Grand Army Plaza: 2nd Trip to Farmer's Market

just got back from the Farmer's Market at Grand Army Plaza. I'm proud to report the trip a success. Rather than arriving in the late afternoon as per the previous visit, I got there around 9am which meant we had first pick of most everything. The first stop of course was to the cider donuts which are mandatory (2/$1).

As the market has increased in popularity, prices have really started to come down and variety has increased as well. After last week's successful torkari I was extra excited to see what this week's market would inspire. We bought some beets which I'll probably make into a torkari (Bengali style). Some collard greens which I'd like for my friend to no longer be afraid of. We also bought some cider. Next time around I'll pick up some daikon (mullo) which is a type of radish.

We also spotted a couple of runners who had the brilliant idea of running to Grand Army (presumably from the 15th Street Roundabout and rewarded themselves with hot cider. Note to self: I will have to try this soon.

The morning was really chilly for early spring (29 degrees feels like 19) but the walk was well worth it to catch Park Slope just waking up. This year I'm really going to appreciate the spring.

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