Monday, March 22, 2010

Foods of Our Time Update

The other day I purchased a butternut squash and a turnip at the Park Slope Farmer's Market. After patting myself on the back a little for supporting local, I subsequently panicked a little after learning that this was not the turnip I thought I'd grown up eating. (The torkari I was thinking of was one Ma would make with finely chopped cabbage)
As it turns out Shalgam (Hindi and Bengali for turnip) is actually very common to Indian cooking so recipes aplenty. Thankfully, with Ma's advice (she suggested using some panch phoran* or jeera) and the recipe mentioned below, the dish turned out a success.
*I like this person's description of it.

Essentially I did a variation of the recipe found at The Food We Eat:

Note: I still need to make haste and find the best way to use the recently purchased shallot. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. Thanks.

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