Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoughts on Working From Home

I can't believe it but it has almost been a year since I've started working from home (beginning in July 2009)! While the company's initial decision to close the office was wrenching, I  understand the wisdom behind it. Inititally not having face to face work camaraderie was difficult. The huge upside is that I get more done now because I can set my own schedule. If work is stressful planning a gym trip midday is very easy to do. Also, because I don't have a direct report I feel more free to explore additional opportunities for the company. The other great thing is that temptation to spend money eating out for lunch is greatly diminished. The slow cooker and I are now close friends. I really enjoy smelling a soup or stew cooking as the day goes on.

My only complaint is that the upstairs neighbors seem to set their dog off exactly when I have a conference call. It's almost like a machine: the bark is continuous (a three second pause), the same pitch and really, really loud. Of course saying "sorry about the dog in the background" isn't the most professional thing. Generally the route of ignoring it and hoping the other end doesn't hear serves best. My current workaround is sandwiching myself between my closet door and the French doors. (Now though they've busted out the jackhammers on the construction site across the street). The overall noise though has somewhat mitigated as earlier in the summer there was construction happening in three directions so I can't complain much.

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