Saturday, April 17, 2010

Foods of Our Time Update / Followup 2: Seven Rivers

Quick followup: I tried the buffet at Seven Rivers ($6.99) with my brother. Just as the previous visit, the establishment was exceedingly clean. During our visit, they had rice, tandoori chicken, daal chicken, kala chana, begun aloo and a very spicy.....pasta. The daal chicken had a fair amount of heat so be weary if you can't handle spice. I was disappointed with the veg selection but the other foods were delicious. The pasta was an oddity. It was made with Indian spices and was probably the spiciest item. The nice thing however is that the manager who came out to greet (very nice guy) told us that everyday they'll feature different items. I'll definitely be back to give it another go - especially have that amazing kopi torkari (cabbage curry).

On a side note, I took a few sweets to go. I had one type which I'd never seen before called the Habshew (Habshi) Halwa. It's made with wheat and milk solids. It was wonderful. In fact I loved the other sweets from Seven Rivers as well. They're a great introduction to Indian sweets because they're not nearly as sweet as most places. Highly recommended.

Rajbot Rating: 9/10

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