Sunday, May 29, 2011


 After strong recommendations I just saw a movie from the late 80s called Heathers. (Spoiler)

Plot: Veronica (Winona Ryder) wants to become one of the popular girls (the 3 most popular girls in school are all named Heather). She begins to find their snobbishness off-putting and jokingly wishes them dead in her journal. She begins dating J.D (Christian Slater), the school rebel and together they fake the suicides of multiple people (to cover up murders they commit).

Side note: there apparently will be a remake soon.

What it taught me:
  • Never trust Christian Slater. No matter how many bags of corn nuts and slushies he buys you, he's simply bad news.
  • Winona's character writes while wearing an awesome monocle. Some fashions deserve to take off. This is clearly one of them. 


  • The late 80s were the tail end of an era when all the popular characters in school movies ere well to do and had blonde hair. All the rebels, outsiders had brown or other color hair. This era also marked the ending of the mullet and shoulder pad periods.

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