Sunday, May 29, 2011

Signs That I'm a Middle Age Women Secretly #5: You too Oprah?

The last Oprah Show on regular television aired a few days ago. Needless to say hearts were broken across the USA. Though not a regular viewer,  I always enjoyed the makeover shows for some reason. Also the celebrity interviews were often fun. Celebrities like Chris Rock weighed to her. During one of the send-off programs Jamie Foxx mentioned that many men are fans of Oprah. I was extremely happy to hear someone else admit this.This for me was the single best part of the sendoff.

While her fluctuating weight brought joy and materials to comedians, most people begrudge her respect. Careers like that don't happen often.Starting OWN is an ambitious undertaking especially since she herself will not star in a show but she has hordes of followers for support. Can a presidential run be far behind?

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