Sunday, April 20, 2008

Latest Running Route: Riverside Park on down..

USATR Route:

We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather for a jog on Saturday so we made the most of it. In anticipation of an upcoming 5k in Riverside Park, and based on a friend's recommendation, we decided to give it a try (and to take advantage of park in additional to Prospect).

We got off the 1 line on 125th and walked a few blocks West. Our path technically started on St. Clair Place. The path itself is narrow, but as is customary, people are good about following the standard pass to the left, then move to the right procedures. Additionally, we got there maybe around 10am and it wasn't extremely populated.

Running alongside the river means we got great views of the water, the GW Bridge and Jersey. The first 3 miles or so the view was fantastic. There was a slight detour where the promenade was closed for construction so you're re-routed into I believe Hudson River Park which features paths closed off nicely from the street. After rejoining the river path we quickly hit around 76th. I started to lose energy around that point. Whenever the energy lull hits, I tell myself that there is nothing wrong with jogging just above a walk (probably an equivalent of a 4.5 on the treadmill) - as long as I keep my heart rate up. Going at the slow steady clip proved helpful. I didn't feel the pain much more until the 40s. Along the way it should be mentioned, the riverside has welcome interruptions from the 70s down with some interesting sites. Anything from decaying docks and terminals to thriving ports for Cruiseliners. The most boring portion was probably from the 60s - 30ths where the riverview is somewhat obscured.

We finally finished our slow jog (slog?) just past 14th for a stretch in one of the nice westside piers. By the way, the public restroom was oddly clean. In total the slog was just over 6 miles. Not a bad way to spend the morning/early afternoon.

And as is becoming traditional, we made our way to Thai on Two for a celebration lunch.

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